In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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January 4 ~ May 31: Special Exhibition “Poop and Livelihood – the Toilets and the Manure”

“Toilet” is an indispensable place in our living. This special exhibition is introducing the various tools use …

November 19~: Koro persimmon (a kind of dried persimmon) of Koshu city on display

Hyakume persimmons of Koshu city, the home town of the Hirose House, are suspended by strings from the eaves o …

January 12: Mayudama Decoration (a branch decorated with cocoon-shaped rice cakes) – Festival Decorations for the Little New Year “Ko-shogatsu”

Demonstration of the decoration for Little New Year “Ko-shogatsu” to wish for a good harvest, and …

Mayudama Decoration(Demonstration)

January 18: Michinoku Folk Tales

On the 3rd Sat. of odd-numbered months, we tell folk tales of the Michinoku (Northern countries of Honshu) district in the Kabuto-zukuri historical house (built like a Japanese warrior helmet).


November 27 – January 19: Small Exhibition of Indigo Dyeing Works– The Stencil Dyeing of the Zodiac Mouse

The original works made by Traditional Dyeing Workshop participants and staff are exhibited. These works are d …

The Stencil Dyeing of the Zodiac Mouse

February 8: Tōno Narration

Narration of the Tōno district folk story in the local dialect, at the folk house ‘Nambu no Magariya’ (L-shape …

toh-no Folk Story Telling

February 23: Folk Story Telling in Local Dialects

The fourth Sun. even-numbered month, we talk some prefectures’ folk tales with their accent.

Folk Story Telling Told in Local Dialects

Jan 26, Feb 29: Tour of Living in the Folk Houses

The curator of the Minkaen will give explanations based on interviews about living in the folk houses of each …

Explanation about the lives of the folk houses

March 7: Mangekyo-no-Mukashibanashi

Folktales storytelling around the hearth.


November 30 – March 8: Special Exhibition “Yukigakoi” (Snow fence) at the Sugawara House

The traditional way of protecting folk houses from snow, using snow fence, in regions with heavy snowfalls, is …

Snow Fence-The Yamada House”
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