In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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August 19: “Summer Evening Minkaen-Let’s play with water ! “

On the same day of the summer festival “Summer Museum” in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, We hold a special event “Summer …

Enjoying the Evening Cool Breeze in Minkaen -Let's play with water!

Tour of Living in the Folk Houses

The curator of the Minkaen will give explanations based on the interviews about the way of life in the folk ho …

Explanation about the lives of the folk houses

Explanation about the Architecture of the Folk House

The staff explains the highlights about architecture of the folk houses in each area. Visitors can join or lea …

The Explanation of the Historical House

September 23: A Ningyojoruri (puppet ballad-drama)

You can see a Ningyojoruri , the traditional Japanese puppet performance, at the old folk house which is the s …

Japanese Puppet Show ‘Shōutsushi-Asagaobanashi Yadoya ~ Ōigawa’

November 25 – March 10: Special Exhibition “Yukigakoi (Snow fence)”-The Yamada House-

The remaking of a traditional snow fence for protecting from snow at the Yamada House. Date: Sunday, November …

Special Exhibition "Yukigakoi (snow fence)’”

July 8: Disaster Preparedness Day of Minkaen

The Ota House, its damaged and destroyed parts exhibition and the showing of the documentary film In July 1990 …

The Ota House, its damaged and destroyed parts exhibition and the showing of the documentary film

July 1 – November 25:Exhibition “Life and Living Things in the Folk Houses”

People, animals, birds and insects were living together in the folk houses in old times. Those living things a …

Exhibition“The Life and the Creatures in the folk house”

July 1: The Okaikosama (Silkworm) Thread-Silk thread reeling

We offer our visitors the chance of experiencing “ZURIDASHI” which is to spin thread beside untangling cocoon. …

The Okaikosama (Silkworm) Thread-Silk thread reeling

Annual Event Exhibition (August – November)

Various events such as Jugoya and Kariage, which were familiar in almost every house before, are displayed or demonstrated in a folk house.

Annual Event Exhibition ‘Jugoya’

July 7th, 2018: Tanabata (Star Festival) in Minkaen – Making Tanabata Ornaments & Decorating Sasa

Let’s enjoy making some Tanabata ornaments from origami (folding paper) and decorating sasa(tree of bamboo gra …

The Experience of TANABATA
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