In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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October 26, November 16: Special Exhibition commentary (for public)

Special Exhibition commentary (for public) Our staff will explain the highlight of the exhibition “Livin …

Kokagesan Shrine

November 16: Michinoku Folk Tales

On the 3rd Sat. of odd-numbered months, we tell folk tales of the Michinoku (Northern countries of Honshu) district in the Kabuto-zukuri historical house (built like a Japanese warrior helmet).


Oct. 24 ~ Nov.17: Mini-Exhibition of works by intermediate level participants of Workshop”Dyeing with the Patterns” at Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop

The works by intermediate level participants of Workshop “Katazome” (Dyeing with the Patterns) are …

Exhibition on Katazome Made by Intermediate Level Workshop Participant.

November 19: Koro persimmon (a kind of dried persimmon ) of Koshu city on display

Hyakume persimmons of Koshu city, the home town of the Hirose House, are suspended by strings from the eaves o …

November 23, 24: Minken at night~Light up of the folk fouses and maple~

We will extend opening hours and light up Post Town and Shin-Etsu Regional village. In the folk houses, we’ll …

September 20 – November 24: Café in the folk house Open

Café in the folk house is open this autumn for a limited period! This café opens twice a year only in spring a …


July 3~November 24: Special Exhibition “Living with Silkworm – sericulture faith in Okagami”

This Special Exhibition is introducing those of aspects in regard to the sericulture as a major industry and t …

Kokagesan Shrine

Demonstration of making folk crafts (August – November)

We offer the demonstration of making folk crafts (including straw craft, bamboo craft and weaving) inside Minkaen.

Warazaiku (Straw works)

Annual Event Exhibition (August – November)

Various events such as Jugoya and Kariage, which were familiar in almost every house before, are displayed or demonstrated in a folk house.

Annual Event Exhibition ‘Jugoya’

Dec 8: Folk Story Telling in Local Dialects

The fourth Sun. even-numbered month, we talk some prefectures’ folk tales with their accent.

Folk Story Telling Told in Local Dialects
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