In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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Aug 10, Sep 14, Oct 26, Nov16: Special Exhibition commentary (for public)

Special Exhibition commentary (for public) Our staff will explain the highlight of the exhibition “Livin …

Aug 10, Oct 15: Special Exhibition commentary (for children)

Special Exhibition commentary (for children) Our staff will explain the highlight of the exhibition “Liv …

July 14: Event “Disaster Prevention for folk house”

A display of damaged woods by fire in 1990 at the Ota House, and video playing regarding that re-construction …

July 3~November 24: Special Exhibition “Living with Silkworm – sericulture faith in Okagami”

This Special Exhibition is introducing those of aspects in regard to the sericulture as a major industry and t …

Demonstration of making folk crafts (April – July)

We offer the demonstration of making folk crafts inside Minkaen mainly on Sundays. Time: 10:00 ~ 14:30 (except …

Annual Event Exhibition (April – July)

Various events such as the Girls’ Festival and the Bon Festival, which were familiar in almost every house before, are displayed or demonstrated in a folk house.

Tango-no-Sekku (The Boys' Festival)

Jul 15, Aug 11, Sep 15, Oct 14, Nov 4:Explanation about the Architecture of the Folk Houses

Our staff member explains the highlights about architecture of the folk houses in each area. Visitors can join …

The Explanation of the Historical House

Jul 27, Aug 3, Sep 22, Oct 22, Nov 9: Tour of Living in the Folk Houses

The curator of the Minkaen will give explanations based on interviews about living in the folk houses of each …

Explanation about the lives of the folk houses

Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2: Mangekyo-no-Mukashibanashi

Folktales storytelling around the hearth.


July 7, 2019: Tanabata (Star Festival) in Minkaen – Making Tanabata Ornaments & Decorating Sasa

Let’s enjoy making Tanabata ornaments from origami (folding paper) and decorating sasa (tree of bamboo grass) …

The Experience of TANABATA
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