In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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Demonstration of making folk crafts (August – November)

We offer the demonstration of making folk crafts (including straw craft, bamboo craft and weaving) inside Minkaen.

Warazaiku (Straw works)

Sep 21, Nov 16: Michinoku Folk Tales

On the 3rd Sat. of odd-numbered months, we tell folk tales of the Michinoku (Northern countries of Honshu) district in the Kabuto-zukuri historical house (built like a Japanese warrior helmet).


Sep 21~Oct 6: Special Exhibition – A Tangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan ‘The Kabuki Stage from Funakoshi’ -

Built in 1857, at the end of the Edo period, the Kabuki stage was originally located in the fishing village of …

Stage from Funakoshi

October 12: Tōno Narration

Narration of the Tōno district folk story in the local dialect, at the folk house ‘Nambu no Magariya’ (L-shape …

toh-no Folk Story Telling

Annual Event Exhibition (August – November)

Various events such as Jugoya and Kariage, which were familiar in almost every house before, are displayed or demonstrated in a folk house.

Annual Event Exhibition ‘Jugoya’
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