In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.

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June 28 – July 30, 2018: Small Exhibition of the Indigo Dyeing – Dyeing Patterns–

We show the patterns  that dye house had in old days. There are many kinds of unique characters. Even for the …

Mini-Exhibition at Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop – Exhibition of Dyeing Patterns–

Demonstration of making folk crafts (April – July)

We offer the demonstration of making folk crafts inside Minkaen mainly on Sundays. Time: 10:00 ~ 14:30 (except …


Folktales storytelling around the hearth.


October 13: Tōno Narration

Narration of the Tōno district folk story in the local dialect, at the folk house ‘Nambu no Magariya’ (L-shape …

toh-no Folk Story Telling

Michinoku Folk Tales

On the 3rd Sat. of odd-numbered months, we tell folk tales of the Michinoku (Northern countries of Honshu) district in the Kabuto-zukuri historical house (built like a Japanese warrior helmet).

Michinoku Mukashi-banashi (Michinoku's old story)

Annual Event Exhibition (April – July)

Various events such as the Girls’ Festival and the Bon Festival, which were familiar in almost every house before, are displayed or demonstrated in a folk house.

Tango-no-Sekku (The Boys' Festival)

Folk Story Telling in Local Dialects (the fourth Sunday of the even-numbered months)

The fourth Sun. even-numbered month, we talk some prefectures’ folk tales with their accent.

Folk Story Telling Told in Local Dialects

January 31 – March 4, 2018: Small Exhibition Indigo Dyeing – Hina-Matsuri (the Girl’s Festival) –

For a month before the Hina-Matsuri (the Girlʼs Festival on March 3rd), we exhibit the indigo-dyed hina dolls, …

Mini-Exhibition ‘Hina-Matsuri(The Girl’s Festival)’

Annual Event Exhibition (December – March)

We have annual event exhibitions on the different themes every month mainly at the Kitamura House (15) and the …


Demonstration of making folk crafts (December – March)

We offer the demonstration of making folk crafts inside Minkaen mainly on Sundays. Time: 10:00 - 14:30 (except …

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