September 24 of the old calendar is called “Chūshū”, or also called “Chūshū no Migetsu” (harvest moon). Minkaen collaborates with Seishonen-Kagakukan to celebrate the harvest moon.

In Minkaen, explanation about decoration of Jūgoya (night of a full moon) is given while in Seishonen-Kagakukan , “moon viewing in the night planetarium” is held. Each museum uniquely contributes to celebrate Jūgoya

Since the operating hours is extended until 8 pm, visitors can have the unique experience of enjoying the harvest moon in the beautiful evening atmosphere of Minkaen.

Moon Observation at Minkaen

Moon Observation at Minkaen

  • Date: Monday, September 24, 2017
  • Fee: Admission only
  • Free to join on the spot.

Walking around Minkaen at Jūgoya
You can experience ‘Light in the old days’ *Shortened in case of rain.

  • Time: 17:00 – 20:00 (no entrance after 19:30)

Talking about Jūgoya
The staff of Minkaen and Seishonen-Kagakukan explains decoration of Jūgoya and moon viewing

  • Time: 17:00 – (about 20 min.)

Moon Observation at Minkaen
Observation of Chūshū no Meigetsu(harvest moon) with a telescope
*Cancelled in case of rain or cloudy

  • Time: 18:00 –19:30