Extended opening time,we will light up Post Town and Shin-Etsu Regional village.
In The Folk House,we’ll put a fire in the the open fireplace,we’ll do Folk Story Telling
Straw and Bamboo work,spinning work performaces at night,Lending Lanterns,exhibition of
Lantern around etc..

On the same day,there’ll be also Fukushima City Co-organized Event named「Asobinikoryansho-Fukushima Shi」such as Tsuchiyu-Kokeshi product demonstration,product sale,Folk Tale Telling etc..
※For more detail about「Asobinikoryansho-Fukushima Shi」、you can see it from here.
In addition,Kominka cafe(The Folk House Cafe) will be open specially to suit Minkaen at night.
Please enjoy the fantastic figure of the Folk House floating in the dark night and maple leaves
red colored.

  • Date:Saturday November 24,Sunday November 25
  • Time:09:30~20:00 ※Light up from the sunset,last entry 19:45 minutes
  • Place:Post Town,Shin-etsu Regional Village

※Please note that you may not be able to enjoy autumn leaves due to climatic condition etc.
※As the congestion is expected on 24, 25 November,the following can not be used all day. We thank you for your understanding.

【Unusable items】Photographing equipment such as tripod,monopod,easel,chair and leisure seat etc.

Minken at night

Minken at night

The Old Folk Story Telling in Fukushima City
We will talk about the old story transmitted to Fukushima City in the language of the land.

  • Date:Saturday 24,Saturday 25 November
  • Time:24 13:00~/14:10~/15:20~(about 20 minutes each)
  • 25 10:20~/11:20~/13:00~/14:10~/15:20~(about 20 minutes each)

  • Capacity:35 people(each time first come,first served)
  • Story telling:Fukushima Minwachaya-no-kai
  • Place:1 The Suzuki House

Craftmen will do Tsuchiyu-Kokeshi product demonstration and sale.
※There may be cases where craftmen are absent for a break.
※We may restrict the number of people when crowded.

  • Date:Saturday November 24,Sunday November 25
  • Time:24 13:00~19:00, 25 10:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
  • Craftman:Mr.Kunitoshi Abe(The 62th National Kokeshi Festival Minister of MEXT Award, Chairman’s Award)
  • Place:6 The Sasaki House

Fukushima’s special product sale
We will sell apples honeys,pickles.
※Staff maybe absent due to breaks.

    • Date:Saturday November 24,Sunday 25 November
    • Time:24 13:00~19:00
    • 25 10:00~12:00/13:00~16:00

    • Place:4 The Misawa House

Michinoku・Mukashi-Hanashi(Tohoku region・The Old Folk Tale)

  • Date:Saturday November 24
  • Time:18:00~(about 30 minutes)
  • Capacity:30 people(first come,first served)
  • Story teller:Michinoku-Mukshi-Gatari)
  • Place:8 The Yamada House ※Please note that the venue is different from usual.


Lending of Lanterns

  • Date:Saturday November 24, Sunday November 25 ※Canceling rain
  • Time:16:30~19:45
  • Capacity:100 people (first come,first served)
  • Distribution place:outside of main building

Yonabe-shigoto no jitsuen(Demonstration of night work)
We will demonstrate the production of straw,bamboo work and thred spinning.
You can enjoy the atmosphere of night work done at each house in old days.

  • Date:Saturday November 24, Sunday November 25
  • Time:17:00~19:45
  • Place:7 The Emukai House and others
Yonabe-shigoto no jitsuen

Yonabe-shigoto no jitsuen

Mawari-Toro no Tenji(Exhibition of lanterns around)

  • Date:Saturday November 24, Sunday November 25
  • Time:17:00~19:45
  • Place:2 The Ioka house
Mawari-Toro no Tenji

Mawari-Toro no Tenji

Kominka cafe「Jinya-sou」 (The old folk house cafe)

  • Date:Saturday November 24,Sunday November 25
  • Time:15:00~19:30 (Last order:19:00)
  • Place:o The Hara House
Kominka cafe「Jinya-sou」

Kominka cafe「Jinya-sou」