This Special Exhibition is introducing those of aspects in regard to the sericulture as a major industry and the sericulture faith, in once Kawasaki city area.

  • Date: July 3 (Wednesday)~November 24 (Sunday), 2019
  • Time: 9:30~16:30 (~17:00 in November )
  • Fee: Entrance Fee only
  • Place: Exhibition hall in the main museum building

※We will also present an exhibition commentary by our official staff every month.
(Please see the bottom of the page)

Kokagesan Shrine in Minkaen

Kokagesan Shrine in Minkaen

Special Exhibition commentary

Our staff will explain the highlight of the exhibition on Saturday once a month during the exhibition period.
Please feel free to participate.

  • Fee:Entrance Fee only
  • Free to participate during the exhibition
  • Commentary:Our official staff
  • Place:Exhibition hall in the main museum building

(For the public)

  • Date:July 13, August 10, September 14, October 26, November 16 ※Saturday
  • Time:14:00 ~ (about 20 mins)

(For children)

  • Date:July 1 (Monday), August 10 (Saturday), October 15 (Tuesday)
  • Time:11:30 ~ (about 20 mins)