In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills.
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February 25th: ‘Learn from a Geisha: Stylish Playing II’

As traditional Japanese female entertainers, Geishas entertain customers with song and dance, using their quic …

Learn from a Geisha

January 4th – May 27th ‘Knot Exhibition – 30 Convenient Knots from the Old Days– ’

There are many kinds of knots in Japan. People in old times chose which knot to use depending on the circumsta …

Feb. 4th, 11th : Minkaen lecture ‘Buntō Style (two- building) house in Abō region’

The Buntō style house is a part of the culture of southern Japan. Its research has begun during the so-called …

Jan. 24th: Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop ‘Dyeing the Japanese Wrapping Cloth’

Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) is very convenient, as it has various uses. In this event, you can experie …

Tōno Narration

Narration of the Tōno district folk story in the local dialect, at the folk house ‘Nambu no Magariya’ (L-shape …

toh-no Folk Story Telling

Tour of living in the folk houses

The curator of the Minkaenwill give explanations based on the interviews about the way of life in each area …

Explanation about the lives of the folk houses

Explanation about the architecture of the folk house

The staff explains the highlights about architecture of folk houses in each area. Visitors can join or leave m …

The Explanation of the Historical House

Michinoku Folk Tales

On the 3rd Sat. of odd-numbered months, we tell folk tales of the Michinoku (Northern countries of Honshu) district in the Kabuto-zukuri historical house (built like a Japanese warrior helmet).

Michinoku Mukashi-banashi (Michinoku's old story)

Folk Story Telling in Local Dialects (the fourth Sunday of the even-numbered months)

The fourth Sun. even-numbered month, we talk some prefectures’ folk tales with their accent.

Folk Story Telling Told in Local Dialects
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