We invited the oversea students of the Senshu University to the Minkaen, and asked for their impressions of our museum. The following is a part of their valuable comments.

overseas students

  • The atmosphere of the whole museum is fantastic.
    It gives a very authentic feeling of being in or around an older Japanese village.
    Having someone who can explain in English during tour is very useful. (United States)
  • とてもきれいです! Very educational and interesting. (カナダ)
  • The tour was very interesting, the explanation was very good. The houses were in a good shape. (Germany)
  • The folk houses are very beautiful and large.
    The visiters can go to inside to discover Japanese’s life in the part.
    So I’m very interested. I can see the folk houses’ difference between Japan and Vietnam.
    But there are some things are same to Vietnam. (Vietnam)
  • Through visiting the museum, I can understand Japanese old style of houses so I can understand more about Japanese traditional culture and artistries.
    All of houses are very beautiful. The scene is also beautiful. (Vietnam)
  • The old house has been protected very well and keeps them old looks.
    I can easily find all the culture (?) during the visiting of this museum. (China)
  • 専門知識があった方の紹介で民家園の住宅をもっと理解することができます。